Free transfer to/from the airport          There is no need to walk. we'll get you to the terminal          From us only 5 minutes to the airport          Cheap prices without hidden costs          Risk free reservation! You can change or cancel your reservation any time for free          10% discount for returning customers          Covered parking lots          0-24 open          Reserve now! New reservation
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  • From 600 HUF / day
  • Free comfortable shuttle to All Terminals
  • Surveillance secured parking lots
  • 0-24 hours parking
Customer service:

1 EUR = 300 HUF

Useful information

Reserving parking space

Reserve your space simply online or call our infoline.

Parking fees

  • Parking fee contains the price of the shuttle bus, to and from both terminals of the airport for you and your passengers.
  • Parking fee can be paid on arrival or when leaving Ferihegy Airport Parking Office, either in cash or by credit card.

The parking process may be organized in more ways:

  • Following a short administration after arriving to Ferihegy Airport Parking, we transport you, your passengers and your luggage to the chosen terminal. Both terminals are 2 km-s from the parking space, which means approx. 5 minutes travel time. Please allow 15-20 mins between checking in to the parking space and the airport.

  • In case you have time, you may leave your passengers at the airport, get back to the parking space, and we will transport you to the airport.

  • In case you have no time to park, you can call our staff to meet at the airport, and we will take your car back to the parking space.

  • Plase call our bus number as soon as you landed, and our driver will go to the airport and take you back to your car.

  • Our staff will handle all your luggage.
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