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  • from 600 HUF / day
  • Free comfortable shuttle to All Terminals
  • Surveillance secured parking lots
  • 0-24 hours parking

Welcome to Ferihegy Airport Parking

Reservation Please check availability to book a space!

Reservation – Please check availability to book a space!


Reserving airport parking online is fast and easy.

  • Select your departure airport and parking arrival and return dates to begin your search.Choose which type of parking lot you wish to take (open/closed)
  • Fill out your billing address and registration information on our secure checkout page and book your airport parking reservation.
  • Print out your receipt to present it at the parking lot. Your travel itinerary includes the quoted rate, and directions to the parking lot. Then check your email and click on the confirmation link.

Optional Roofed Parking Space.
We protect your car from the weather...

Fedett Parkoló Opció - Autóját megóvjuk új fedett parkoló helyeinken, egész évben, télen, nyáron, jégesőtől, hótól, napfénytől...

You can leave your car with us in our 24 hours open, secured and weather protected parking spaces while you travel.

Are you traveling by plane? Are you looking for cheap and secure airport parking?

  • We guarantee your hassle-free discount airport parking space. Save time and energy. Our courteous and friendly staff will handle all your luggage and will transport you to and from the airport, "curb-to-curb", in our comfortable, convenient, complimentary airport shuttle.
  • Why book with anyone else?
  • With the lowest prices and best on-line discounts, there's no need to look anywhere else!
  • Do you want Guaranteed Bookings?

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  • 0-24 hours secure parking lot
  • roofed and open spaces
  • The whole parking lot is surveillance secured
  • Online or phone reservation
  • Pay with cash or credit cards
  • Free transfer to/from the airport to/from both terminals 0-24 hours 7 days a week
  • Utas és poggyász biztosítást köthet, online vagy a helyszínen a parkoló irodában
  • Minibus rent, with driver
  • Magas szintű udvarias kiszolgálást nyújtanak kollégáink, hogy az utasaink elégedetten távozzanak a parkolónkból, mindezt a lehető legalacsonyabb parkoló díjak mellett
  • ÚJ! Amíg autója nálunk parkol, ha ezt a foglaláskor kéri, külső és/vagy belső tisztítást elvégezzük mire visszatér.

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